Game rules

The goal - to clear the square, removing one word at a time. The word can be selected by clicking on cells in any direction (but not diagonally).
Selecting a word, press the button, and if the word is found in the dictionary, the cells with the selected letters will disappear!
Sign is used instead of any letter. A bomb can destroy unnecessary letter.
The longer the word, that you will make, the more points you will earn. For long words you'll get bonuses - asterisks and bombs (more information about bonuses see below).
Good luck in the game!

To put a bomb or an asterisk on the playing field, press the appropriate button under the field, then the cell on the field on which you want to place it. Next to the button shows the number of remaining items. Unused bombs and stars move to the next level.
Switch on the middle enables cude animation (may be unstable).

Earning bonuses

To simplify passing of the initial levels and to complicate passing subsequent levels of the game reduce the issuance of asterisks (*) and bombs (@) as follows:
Level 1 : 5* and 5@ in the beginning, no more than 10* on the board, 1@ for 5-letter word, 1* for 6 or more, 7 more letters - 1@ and 1*;
2nd: 4* and 4@ in the beginning, no more than 9* on the board 1@ for 5 letters word (if in word is not used *) 1* for 6 and more letters (if in word is not used *) or 7 or more letters; etc.
By the 10th level of distribution of bonuses ends, take care of them! Accrued bonuses moves to the next levels.


For each resultative move the player points are awarded. Over the longer word 3 letters awarded more points, proportional to the length of the word. At each subsequent level accrued during the course of the points are multiplied by a factor equal to the number level. Using an asterisk or bombs is not considered scoring move, but thus increasing the amount spent on the game moves.

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Балда - русская версия

Игра начинается со стартового слова, которое случайным образом выбирает компьютер. Игроки по очереди вписывают одну букву в любую свободную клетку на игровом поле так, чтобы с использованием этой буквы составить новое слово. Слово выделяется на поле непрерывно, в любом направлении, но не по-диагонали. Одна и та же клетка не может быть использована дважды при составлении одного слова. Слово не может быть вписано повторно или совпадать со стартовым словом. За каждую букву в составленном слове присуждается одно очко. Побеждает набравший большее количество очков или тот, чей противник не может придумать слово для своего хода.

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Balder - das Wortspiel

Das Spiel beginnt mit einem Anfangswort, welches rein zufällig und automatisch generiert wird. Spieler setzen ihre Buchstaben in die freie Zellen nacheinander so ein, dass ein neues Wort damit entsteht. Das Wort soll ununterbrochen und vollständig sein, egal in welcher Richtung (aber nicht diagonal!). Eine und dieselbe Zelle mit Buchstaben darf man bei der Wortbildung nur einmal verwenden. Auch das Wort darf man nicht wiederholt schreiben oder gleich wie das Anfangswort. Für jeden benutzten Buchstaben bekommen Spieler einen Punkt. Gewinner ist: Spieler mit den meisten Punkten oder Spieler, wer seinem Gegner keine Möglichkeit für den nächsten Zug gibt.

Das Sppiel beginnt!

English version

The game begins with the start word, which randomly selects a computer. Players take turns one letter fits in any free cell on the playing field so that using this letter to draw up a new word. The word stands out on the field continuously, in any direction, but not on the diagonal. The same cell can not be used twice in the one word. The word can not be re-ballot or coincide with the start word. For each letter in a word created awarded one point. Wins got more points, or player whose opponent can not invent a word for their turn.

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